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A BACK-TO-SCHOOL GUIDE TO FFCRA CHILD CARE LEAVE Thought we would pass along a Q&A guide from fellow bloggers at FMLA Insights.  Although aimed at employers, it explains well employee rights that unions can enforce when schools are not fully … Continue reading

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HOW A GRIEVANCE CAN ALSO ALWAYS BE A ULP The two Trump appointees are on the FLRA solely to weaken unions and collective bargaining and their favorite weapon is to overturn arbitrations case that employees win.  They have been able … Continue reading

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UNION’S OPTIONS WHEN AN AGREEMENT PROVISION IS DECLARED UNENFORCEABLE FLRA long ago ruled that even if an agency agreed to a particular agreement provision (or FSIP imposed it) and the agency head approved it as legal, the agency can declare … Continue reading

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WHEN IS AN AGENCY PROPOSAL EVIDENCE OF BAD FAITH BARGAINING?  If you are looking for proof that the agency has engaged in bad faith bargaining, be sure to examine the proposals it has made. The courts have held in the … Continue reading

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ARBITRATING CASES FOR NON-MEMBERS:  MUNCHAUSEN-BY-UNION SYNDROME Any union leader who thinks dues-paying members’ money should be spent arbitrating cases for non-members is —  Out of his/her mind Has a low self-image A coward Uniformed about the law Keeping their own … Continue reading

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A NEW GROUND RULE CONTROVERSY  Given the Trump Panel’s vicious attack on unions, it is no surprise that unions are working hard to reduce the Panel’s power.  One way to do that is to block an arguably illegal Panel final … Continue reading

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WHAT IS SURFACE BARGAINING?  To begin, it is illegal.  It is also what Trump’s executive orders virtually mandate that all management negotiators do.  Finally, it is something union negotiators should learn to recognize because it could be the key to … Continue reading

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