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THE “HEBREW SLAVE” COMMENT An employee and her supervisor were communicating via e-mail when the employee commented that federal employees generally work shorter hours than private sector ones. The supervisor responded, “Wow,… then I must be a damn fool…cause I’ve … Continue reading

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CAN FLRA STAY IMPLEMENTATION OF A FINAL AND BINDING FSIP ORDER? Yup! It can and it has, even though it is extremely rare.  The Authority, or at least the Carol Pope Authority, covered the process in an IFPTE decisions issued … Continue reading

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LAW FIRM UPDATES FEMALE CBP OFFICERS ON THEIR PUSH-UP LAWSUIT Customs and Border Protection (CBP) established a push-up requirement for its law enforcement officers.  It is unclear whether they pulled the number of push-ups required out of thin air or … Continue reading

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ARE THE DISABLED ENTITLED TO REASSIGNMENTS? We have kept an eye on what the EEOC and courts are doing with the right of a disabled employee to demand a reassignment to an open position as a reasonable accommodation. EEOC has … Continue reading

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ANOTHER FLRA FUBAR? What’s a “FUBAR?” It is shorthand for pronouncing something “Fouled Up Beyond All Repair,” although there are more verbally assertive versions. We use it to label those MSPB and FLRA cases that screw up the lives of … Continue reading

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AN ADVERSE ACTION GUIDE While we hope that no one on either side of the table has to deal with too many adverse actions, we know at least a few of you do a dozen or more oral replies and … Continue reading

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THE CROWN OF THORNS CASE Some people put religious objects in their cubicle or office. Maybe it is a crucifix, mezuzah, kirpan, inverted pentacle, mandala, or rune. But we have to admit that we had never heard of someone putting … Continue reading

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