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GILBERT & BROIDA RESCUE DISABLED CBP OFFICERS Way back in 2014 we wrote about a Customs and Border Patrol Officer with sleep apnea who asked to not be assigned to night shift or overtime work because his condition required that … Continue reading

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HOW TO APPEAL “LAST CHANCE AGREEMENT” DISMISSALS The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals just reminded us that while it is possible to challenge, appeal or arbitrate a dispute over whether a last chance agreement permitted the agency to terminate an … Continue reading

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MSPB EXPANDS ACCUSED EMPLOYEE’S RIGHT TO INFORMATION  A Homeland Security Agent was fired for falsifying an official form.  When he tried to defend himself by pointing out how supervisory employees who committed the same offense were not fired, DHS management … Continue reading

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FLRA WEAPONIZES FSIP AGAINST UNIONS IN FEA CASE There are at least three ways a union can be treated illegally at the FSIP.  First, the agency can engage in bad faith bargaining that poisons the entire proceedings. Second, the Panel … Continue reading

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ONE MORE TIME WITH GUSTO: GRIEVING NON-SELECTION We have said it many times before, but we can’t make the point to often.  If a qualified employee is non-selected for promotion in favor of a person from a different protected civil … Continue reading

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THE FLRA GUIDANCE GOLD MINE Suppose Amazon’s Alexa could summarize the case law on dozens of federal employee labor law issues upon your request for help. Given the AI technology is not there yet, the next best thing for a … Continue reading

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PANTS VERSUS SKIRTS: A RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION MOMENT Some religions require women cover up from top to bottom while others declare that the Lord they worship wants women to show their legs – even when working in a men’s prison. Under … Continue reading

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HEALTH & SAFETY WHILE TELEWORKING Given that the World Health Organization (WHO) has joined the building push to focus on this, it is time unions also paid attention.  The WHO Report is a good place to start your research on … Continue reading

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