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ILLEGAL TELEWORK DEALS What do you call it when a bargaining unit employee asks her manager to allow her to telework, the manager agrees, and they work out the details of when, where, and under what conditions? “Illegal” is what … Continue reading

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A NEGOTIATOR’S THREE MAGIC WORDS Abracadabra won’t work; neither will hocus-pocus. But the phrase, “Management has determined” will open doors at a bargaining table.

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WATERBOARDING SELECTING OFFICIALS Ever wonder how to get selecting officials to tell you the real reason why you were not selected for a promotion?  Tens of thousands do each year.  Here is how.

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TICKLE TORTURING PROMOTION RATING OFFICIALS “Tickle torturing” might be an option when rating officials will not explain their scoring system that denied you a promotion.  After all, unlike selecting officials whose vagueness and secrecy make you want to waterboard them for … Continue reading

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HOW TO MINIMIZE CONTRACTING OUT While management has a right to contract out work, the union has a right to negotiate procedures making that decision a fair one and softening the impact on employees. Here is how.

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POPA & NTEU LOWER EMPLOYEE PARKING COSTS Agencies are no longer regularly including free parking for employees in the buildings they rent.  They save money by shifting the cost of daily parking to the employee.  But here is how the … Continue reading

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WHAT CAN BACK PAY AND DAMAGES INCLUDE? You will be surprised to see what can be included and it all depends on how you draft the grievance.

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CHRISTIANS – 1, CBP MANAGEMENT –MINUS $28,600. That is the way EEOC scored the Miami faceoff between the Customs and Border Protection Service and one of its CBP Officers who asked for Sundays off to practice his faith.  

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FDIC CLOBBERED FOR LACKING CREDIBILITY FDIC management has been ordered to rehire a former employee retroactively to late 2000.  KAAAA-POW for management and KAH-CHING for the employee.  EEOC found that management repeatedly lacked credibility when it tried to explain why … Continue reading

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FREE NEGOTIATIONS TRAINING VIDEOS Ye olde Internet is an amazing place to get help with almost anything, and teaching union leaders how to negotiate is one of its strong points. advises that you start with

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