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A NEGOTIATOR’S WAKE UP CALL Every once in a while a case comes along that is just loaded with teaching moments for both sides and the Authority’s newest decision is one of them for negotiators on either side of the … Continue reading

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WHEN THE DENIAL OF TELEWORK COULD VIOLATE LAW Just a few weeks ago, Judge Rosemary Collyer, the judge who declared the proposed DHS collective bargaining rules illegal, issued an interesting decision that gives employees suspended or removed from telework a … Continue reading

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WHEN IS OBESITY A DISABILITY? A new U.S. Circuit Court decision outlines the criteria an obese employees must meet in order to request an accommodation.  The law firm of Ogletree Deakins wrote a good piece about what the case means … Continue reading

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WHY DOESN’T FSIP GET IT ABOUT DECISION FALLOUT? One of our continuing beefs with the Panel is that it regularly fails to consider the long-term fallout of its decisions. For example, it recently rejected a union proposal that assignments to … Continue reading

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OMG!!!! REALLY? AFTER 40 YEARS OF CASE LAW. Not long ago at all we ran across a case that left us confused about whether to be angrier with the agency or the union. We are not going to identify the … Continue reading

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OUR COMPLIMENTS TO FLRA ON NEW WEB SITE We will always remember Carol Pope as the person who not only kept Dale Cabiness from pulling the plug on FLRA, but who also nursed it off life support once Dale resigned. … Continue reading

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ACCOMMODATING EMPLOYEES WHO CANNOT REPORT TO WORK The law firm of ShawValenza just posted a very interesting article under the title above.  We recommend it for those working in the reasonable accommodation area, if only as a useful thought-provoking piece … Continue reading

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GRIEVING ULP CHARGES While the traditional place to file a ULP allegation is with the FLRA, there are considerable advantages to grieving it—especially if you make some small changes in your contract grievance procedure.

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THE MISSING ELEMENT OF OVERTIME BACK PAY CASES The FLRA has made it quite clear that in order to award back pay a party must show that there is a direct causal connection between the unwarranted and unjustified personnel action … Continue reading

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BROAD REMEDIES FOR DISABILITIES Too often union reps and LR/ER/EEO Specialists think that the only remedies available to disabled employees needing an accommodation is something personal to the employee, e.g., a larger computer screen, a better chair, or even a … Continue reading

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