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WHAT IS A PROPHYLACTIC PROPOSAL? It is not only something union negotiators can use to protect members from the adverse effects of a management intrusion into their lives, but also something the FLRA endorses.

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INTERESTING CONTRACT CLAUSES- AFGE & VA All union negotiators should be aware of what is in other contracts, but that can be hard to do as more and more contracts exceed 200 pages.  So, from time-to-time our small army of … Continue reading

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THE RIGHT TO SWAP JOBS We noticed that this issue is causing some strife inside the AFGE Border Patrol Council, which only confirms that the right to swap jobs is a critical collective bargaining issue.

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WONDERFUL WEB SITES We watch what unions post on their web sites in case there is something we should all know about. recently took a look at a lot of AFGE web sites (not all or even a majority) … Continue reading

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NEW AFGE-SSA CONTRACT HIGHLIGHTS This is one of those bargaining units whose contract is one of the benchmark deals in the federal sector.  The local has just published a list of the changes to its new 2012 contract that are … Continue reading

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GETTING $$$,$$$ FOR EMOTIONAL STRESS The secret is getting out quickly.  Over the last three years, employees have frequently received checks for $100,000 and more for the emotional stress managers have illegally caused them. Here is how.

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A LITTLE HELP WITH FMLA CASE LAW The U. S. Dept. of Labor just made it a little easier for us to understand the Family Medical Leave Act by publishing a “plain English” guide to the law. While OPM, not … Continue reading

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A LITTLE HELP WITH FLRA CASE LAW Julia Akins Clark, the FLRA General Counsel, has done us all a favor, by posting on her web site a document highlighting the most significant case law holdings on dozens of key points … Continue reading

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GAO LOCAL 1921 NEGOTIATES FOR ENHANCED CUBICLES (This posting has been copied almost verbatim from the Local 1921 web site.) In July, GAO will be relocating several employees in the headquarters building, including APSS staff, to make space for new … Continue reading

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HOW TO STOP PERFORMANCE STANDARD CHANGES While death and taxes may be the more commonly recognized guarantees of life, not far behind are changes in performance standards.  Employees everywhere can count on managers trying to change their expectations, even if … Continue reading

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