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WELL, THEY DID IT AGAIN AT FLRA We’re not referring to Abbott and Kiko overturning yet another long-standing labor law principle, ruling against a union, nor even overturning an arbitrator. That is who they are and what the President expected … Continue reading

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DOES THE OSC OWE THIS BEDFORD, MA. VA EMPLOYEE AN APOLOGY AND LOTS OF CASH? Although the Privacy Act was passed over 40 years ago, that doesn’t mean that everyone is following it.  For example, the President’s newly appointed Special Counsel … Continue reading

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NAVY MANAGER DISCRIMINATES AGAINST PHILIPPINE EMPLOYEES The EEOC guidelines on English-only rules, found at 29 C.F.R. § 1606.7, state that an employer may require that employees speak English at certain times in the workplace only if the employer can show … Continue reading

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IS THE FSIP LEGALLY STAFFED? PROBABLY NOT. If Presidents ignore one tiny clause in the statute, the FSIP can be used as a political club to punish unions and the employees who support them.  After all, the President can draw all … Continue reading

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WHAT HAPPENS WHEN “COVERED BY” MEETS IMPASSE? The quick answer is “Nothing good for the union.”  Let’s assume that the parties have been bargaining over a 10-issue mid-term MOU, have agreement on five of the issues and disagree on the … Continue reading

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PRESIDENT DISPLAYS GROSS IGNORANCE OF LR Trump recently issued three Executive Orders aimed at punishing federal employees, who he prefers to call the “deep state,” and the unions that represent them. By this time it should surprise no one that … Continue reading

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