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FLRA’S ABBOTT TRASHES PRESIDENT  Jim Abbott came out hot in a new FLRA decision condemning the foul, racist-tinged language used day in and day out by our President. Shedding his unofficial title as the Administration’s most notorious moral hypocrite, The … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO AFGE FOR ITS CIVIL RIGHTS PASSION The media carried a story today about how an AFGE rep from the TSA went to see a Georgia Congressman about issues important to his members and the Congressman’s constituents.  As the … Continue reading

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DO FMCS MEDIATORS LIE? That’s a tough question to answer when you know so many totally honest and honorable mediators, but the hard lesson we learned was that there are some who will. So, negotiators, especially union negotiators, need to … Continue reading

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COURT REVERSES FLRA ON CBP OVERTIME CAP About 20 years ago FLRA ruled that the statutory cap on how much overtime compensation a Customs and Border Protection Officer may receive did not bar paying the employee more than that cap … Continue reading

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