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OOPS, THEY DID IT AGAIN. SELECTING OFFICIALS WHO CAN’T EXPLAIN THEIR ACTIONS Like Brittany Spears’ song, some selecting officials are still getting “lost in the game,”  and in the process hurting those around them.  In this case, an over 40 … Continue reading

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EEOC ORDERS AGENCY TO RESTORE HIGHER GRADED DUTIES TO EMPLOYEES EEOC recently caught the managers at the Voice of American using a not so common trick to deny a couple of employees promotions.  The managers simply withdrew certain duties from … Continue reading

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EEOC ON DOMESTIC/DATING ABUSE, SEXUAL ASSAULT AND STALKING The EEOC recently went on record indicating its willingness to charge employers with discrimination if they take personnel actions against employees involved in any of these circumstances.  Every union rep should look … Continue reading

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FDIC FLIPS, FLOPS, FLAPS, & FLAILS The FDIC leadership is currently doing its best impression of a fish tightly caught on the end of an angler’s line. It’s struggling mightily in a desperate attempt to break free of the hook … Continue reading

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WHO ARE THE SIMILARLY-SITUATED? “All things being equal, if an employer takes an action against one employee in a protected class but not another outside that class, one can infer discrimination. The ‘similarly situated’ prong establishes whether all things are … Continue reading

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IRS PROBATIONER’S REINSTATEMENT A LESSON FOR ALL STEWARD ALERT!     Managers constantly tell probationary employees they have no appeal rights if terminated, but that is just not true.  FEDSMILL.com is working on a longer article about probationary employee appeal rights, but here … Continue reading

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HOW TO GRIEVE PROMOTION INTERVIEW SCORES STEWARD ALERT!     As explained in FEDSMILL’s recent four-part series on how to grieve promotion decisions, one way is to challenge the promotion scores. A large part of those scores often comes from an interview. … Continue reading

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HOW UNIONS GET UNIT MEMBERS PROMOTED MEMBER ALERT! Almost every time someone is promoted other applicants get passed over. Often, the passed over applicants feel they were just as qualified or even better qualified than the selectee. Sometimes they even … Continue reading

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$75,000+ FOR DENIAL OF  PILGRIMAGE LEAVE MEMBER ALERT!     The Justice Dept. just announced it settled a case where an employee had been denied leave to go on a religious pilgrimage.

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GRIEVING NON-SELECTION FOR PROMOTION (Part 3-ULPs) Another kind of discrimination management must avoid is anti-union animus or discrimination.  Title 5 USC 7116(a)(2) makes it an unfair labor practice for management “to encourage or discourage membership in any labor organization by … Continue reading

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