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WAS THE TRUMP-BORDER PATROL COUNCIL DEAL A BRIBE? On December 16 the Washington Post revealed Trump intervened in the Border Patrol Council’s collective bargaining negotiations with CBP management to give the union a deal no other union in the federal sector can … Continue reading

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RELIGIOUS ACCOMMODATION GONE NUTS? Maybe a better title for this post would be “One Small Step for a Catholic, One Giant Leap for Catholicism.” EEOC just reported that the VA excused an employee from attending a simple training program on … Continue reading

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TRUMP PAYS OFF BORDER PATROL UNION The December 16th Washington Post reported that the President finally paid off the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) for breaking with virtually every other federal employee union in the 2016 election to support his campaign. … Continue reading

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WHEN AN EMPLOYEE’S CHILD IS DISABLED Pass Me On to Unit Members: What protection does an employee have when a child’s sickness requires that the parent stay home, but the parent does not have leave to do so? Can the … Continue reading

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NOT SO FAST PANEL PUPPETS AFGE’s very creative General Counsel’s office scored a major litigation victory recently in a case where it argued that FSIP must have at least 7 members on the Panel before it can render a decision.  … Continue reading

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EEOC BODY SLAMS ARROGANT/IGNORANT AGENCY Do you remember our posts about how EEOC normally orders agencies to reveal details about their crediting plans when an employee presents a prima facie case of discrimination? Secretary Mike Pompeo’s staff does not and it just … Continue reading

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WHEN TO TELL THE FSIP TO TAKE A LEAP – Revised Mark Carter has been a faithful lapdog of the rightwing community that seeks to bankrupt and otherwise crush unions. He has maintained the practice of finding against unions 90% … Continue reading

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ANOTHER REASON TO REDUCE ATTORNEY FEES. EEOC just declared again that, as outlined in MD-110, an award of attorney’s fees “may be reduced where the quality of representation was poor, the attorney’s conduct resulted in undue delay or obstruction of … Continue reading

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FIVE UNION RIGHTS YOU MAY NOT REMEMBER We all know that union activists cannot be fired, denied a benefit, or even poorly evaluated if the decision is based on or even related to their choice to be union activist.  But … Continue reading

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WHEN MANAGERS EVALUATE BASED ON ONLY A SAMPLE OF YOUR WORK. Pass this on to Unit Members: Managers cannot legally just select a few cases or days you worked on during the year to write your annual evaluation. The law, … Continue reading

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