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STOP LEGO HARASSMENT NOW Our fellow bloggers at the Employment & Labor Insider have done Americans a great service bring bringing this national scourge to our attention. Please check out their posting entitled, “Lego-Based Workplace Harassment Will Not Be Tolerated.”

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Staff Retreat On the Budapest to Bucharest Labor Relations Crawl.  Be Back in Early May.

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TEST YOURSELF: The Specific Notice Obligation  We have said it often before.  The biggest process mistake management can make while bargaining is to violate this obligation, and aggressive enforcement of this obligation by the union increases its visibility, credibility, and … Continue reading

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THE MONTROSE OPTION Given this may be the most important check a local union has on its union’s national office, we were only too glad to help when one local union recently asked us to lead it through a Montrose … Continue reading

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THE WORST CASE SCENARIO FOR ATTORNEY FEES? As we all wait to see how Abbott and Kiko put their Trumpian scent an employee’s right to get attorney fees when back pay is awarded, unions need to prepare for the worst … Continue reading

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TO THE UNBELIEVABLE AFGE. CONGRATS AGAIN!  If you have been following us for years you know that we believe the single most important indicator of a union’s quality is its membership strength. Show us a union with a long record … Continue reading

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