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NWSEO $500 NEW MEMBER INCENTIVE Many unions have offered cash incentives for employees to become members and to the members who sign them up. But we have never seen a program like the National Weather Service Employees Organization has in … Continue reading

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FEDSMILL TAKES ON A NEW ROLE When we started back in 2011 we decided to focus on passing labor relations and EEO information to union reps in all federal sector unions.  But the longer we look at how unions operate, … Continue reading

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MENOPAUSE BENEFITS We are always on the lookout for employee needs that employers can help satisfy.  Here is a good article that can help fed unions pursue some beneficial changes.  It is from and entitled, “Menopause Benefits Can Keep Women In … Continue reading

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THE EEOC “SIMILARLY SITUATED” TRAP There is a truck full to EEOC case law rejecting an employee claims that they were treated differently than co-workers because the co-workers were not “similarly situated.”  That is a different way of saying that … Continue reading

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USING THE BIBLE AS A HARASSMENT TOOL EEOC just explained to the Dep’t. of Veteran Affairs how quoting the bible at the workplace can violate an employee’s civil rights. It wrote, “the use of a Bible verse, alone, in the … Continue reading

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FOR THOSE NON-BELIEVING NON-MEMBERS A percentage of your co-workers who refuse to join the union do so because they believe that managers would never be deliberately unfair to them, and even if they were, the “civil service system” would stop … Continue reading

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WHEN SUPERVISORS VENT, THEY MAY HAVE TO PAY There are lots of situations inside and outside government where some manager is “miffed” that s/he must respect an employee’s rights under the law and they might walk away muttering to themselves—maybe … Continue reading

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WHAT IS THE ASSOCIATION FOR UNION DEMOCRACY (AUD)? It may be your best friend if your union is trying to punish you for exercising your rights under the federal Bill of Rights (29 CFR 458.2) most union members enjoy. Those … Continue reading

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