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THE FORWARD-LOOKING NEGOTIATOR Federal employee unions have been bargaining for over 35 years now—and a few for over 50 years.  So, it is reasonable to ask when all the reasonable issues will have been addressed and there is little to … Continue reading

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THE AUTOMATED FORMAL DISCUSSION The statute has been in place for over 30 years now, but FLRA case law guidance on what is and is not a formal discussion is still next to useless for practitioners.  (Check out “FLRA FUBAR: … Continue reading

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UPDATE ON BARGAINING OVER WORKLOAD CHANGES Two years ago we pointed out what we believed to be the error in FLRA’s thinking when it held that an agency can stand by and watch employee workloads skyrocket out of sight due … Continue reading

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MANAGEMENT LIABLE IF PUBLIC HARASSES EMPLOYEE What can an employee do if a member of the public regularly sexually harasses her?  For example, suppose the person regularly makes sexually suggestive comments, perhaps touches the employee on the arm or shoulder, … Continue reading

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CONGRATS ON AFGE’s VA SCANDAL RESPONSE (How Scandals Are Planned In Advance) Congress may not pass any laws, budgets, treaties or other legislation, but it sure does have a guaranteed way to generate scandals in federal agencies.  Since the media … Continue reading

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