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GRIEVING A FAILURE TO MENTOR OR DEVELOP EMPLOYEES Very few labor agreements or grievances address an employee’s right to career development opportunities. But a new case out of the EEOC suggests that this is a field union reps should think … Continue reading

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UPDATE! – MONEY FOR HIGHER-GRADED WORK I love standing around, preferably in a bar, listening to a couple of well-respected, high-class union lawyers talk about a problem employees are having.  More than a few times in my career it has … Continue reading

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BIDEN’S THINLY DISGUISED WAGE THEFT PROGRAM President Biden deserves gobs of credit for rescuing federal employees and their unions from the intense hate the prior administration had focused on them. But let’s not pretend that all is now peachy for … Continue reading

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CREATIVE SOLUTION FOR HIGHER GRADED DUTY GRIEVANCE It is one thing to have a great contract provision backing you up. In this case, the AFGE-DVA contract covering Pharmacy Technicians in Richmond, VA required temporary promotions for those who performed higher … Continue reading

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NEGOTIABLITY: NOW, THE BAD NEWS FLRA just had a chance to apply a big chunk of common sense to federal sector labor relations, but took a pass. See NTEU, 68 FLRA 334 (2015). Here is the situation.  Agencies have the … Continue reading

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DETAILS: WHAT ABOUT THOSE LEFT BEHIND? Most agreements contain a clause that spells out how employees are to be selected for details, but what about the employees who are left behind when someone leaves on a detail or reassignment?  The … Continue reading

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