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ABA LABOR LAW UPDATE & THE CBP MUSHROOM CLOUD For those of you out in our blogosphere who like to stay up with the latest twists and turns in federal sector labor law we recommend reading through the American Bar … Continue reading

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NTEU TRIPS ITSELF UP ON CBP DISPUTE When Customs and Border Protection management decided to install new work stations for officers inspecting travelers, NTEU asked to bargain, and one of its demands was that officers be allowed to sit while … Continue reading

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WHO REALLY DESERVES THE BLAME? AFGE KNOWS It looks like the media is going to spend more than a little time this summer on the story about the horribly long security lines in airports. Congress, as it always does, has … Continue reading

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FSIP CHOOSES EMPLOYEES’ OPINIONS OVER NTEU’S NTEU took a bargaining dispute over salaries to the Panel recently arguing that the performance appraisal system driving pay decisions “… is broken beyond repair in its current form which, in turn, leads to … Continue reading

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WHEN YOUR RELIGIOUS EXPRESSIONS OFFEND CO-WORKERS Federal employees’ rights to practice their faith is broadly protected, but in an era where more and more employees feel free, if not compelled to proclaim and preach their religious views to other employees … Continue reading

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NEW RULES ON LEAVE AS A REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION EEOC has just published some very helpful to advice for those of us on either side of the bargaining or litigation tables who wrestle with the question of when employees must be … Continue reading

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MSPB PANDERS A TINY BIT LESS TO AGENCIES One of the most disappointing precedents to ever roll out of the Board established that agencies need not meet the tough standard of proof required to fire an employee for falsification, namely, … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO CAROL AND ERNIE! There is another very good piece of good news coming out of the FLRA these days, and it is thanks to Carol Pope and Ernie Dubester. (Sorry for the “Dis” Patrick, but we are pretty … Continue reading

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EEOC PAYS EMPLOYEE FOR DAMAGED RELATIONSHIP WITH DAUGHTER Employees victimized by illegal retaliation, harassment or other violations of the Civil Rights laws unrelated to compensation often do not have back pay claims. That could lead the victim to decide that … Continue reading

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WHEN AN ORDER TO TELEWORK VIOLATES LAW While the Telework Act clearly prohibits agencies from ordering employees to participate in telework, that is not the only liability an agency has if it orders an employee to work from home. EEOC … Continue reading

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