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10 THINGS TO DO AT FORMAL MEETINGS Unions make serious mistakes when they fail to cover every formal meeting in their unit or when they fail to train their stewards in how to tap the full potential value of these … Continue reading

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PROBATIONER REINSTATED BY EEOC At the time of events giving rise to this complaint, Marquis was a probationary employee working as a Shipfitter Apprentice in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNYS or Shipyard) in Portsmouth, Virginia.

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FORBES MAGAZINE AGREES WITH FEDSMILL Earlier this month we felt it important enough to remind readers that the EEOC and the U.S. Courts are putting a lot of pressure on employers to stop using phony-baloney, non-specific, smoke-and mirrors rating criteria … Continue reading

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WHAT IS AN FMLA “QUALIFYING EXIGENCY”? The very loose answer is that it is a near emergency situation where the employee is entitled to FMLA time-off.  But the folks at the JacksonLewis law firm have put together a more complete … Continue reading

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HOW HERITAGE HURTS UNIONS No, we are not talking about the Heritage Foundation, which often lines up against union interests. At least not yet. The kind of heritage this piece takes aim at are all the attributes of a union … Continue reading

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RATING PANEL GRIEVANCES: WE HAVE SAID IT BEFORE AND HERE IT IS AGAIN Attacking the scores of a promotion rating panel is hard to do under traditional labor law.  But, if you can find a reason to allege that there … Continue reading

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WHAT IS THE “INTERACTIVE PROCESS?” The short answer is that it’s something the agency must engage in to avoid violating the law and incurring huge financial penalties.  The slightly longer answer is that it can often require an agency to … Continue reading

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WHY TRUMP NEEDS TO CRIPPLE UNIONS If you are wondering why The Donald and his fellow tribesmen are bothering with union rights at a time when China, Iran, Moscow and a half-dozen other life-and-death threats are looming over our heads, … Continue reading

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