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IRS PROBATIONER’S REINSTATEMENT A LESSON FOR ALL STEWARD ALERT!     Managers constantly tell probationary employees they have no appeal rights if terminated, but that is just not true. is working on a longer article about probationary employee appeal rights, but here … Continue reading

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AGENCY CAN BE ORDERED TO PAY EMPLOYEE INCOME TAXES STEWARD ALERT!     When the employer is ordered to give an employee a back pay lump sum amount, it can also be required to compensate the employee for any extra income taxes … Continue reading

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FIVE UNION RIGHTS YOU MAY NOT REMEMBER STEWARD ALERT!     We all know that union activists cannot be fired, denied a benefit, or even poorly evaluated if the decision is based on or even related to our choice to be union … Continue reading

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UNIONS FOOLISH TO REFER EEO COMPLAINTS TO AGENCY EEO OFFICERS LEADER ALERT! Too many unions think that they should not use the grievance process to pursue employee complaints about civil rights discrimination. As a result, they refer employees with discrimination … Continue reading

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ON-LINE VOTING FOR LOCAL UNION OFFICERS Finally, someone heard the complaints of so many local union leaders who by law must run local elections every two or three years.  Those of us who have been through it know the drill: … Continue reading

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HOW GOOD IS YOUR CONTRACT? The only valid measure of how good a labor agreement is what the union members who live under it think.  If it is overwhelmingly ratified and used, it is a great contract.  A less valid … Continue reading

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FEATHERBEDDING AT FSIP Featherbedding is a widely condemned practice in labor-management circles.  At best, it is wasteful; at worst, it is dishonest; and, at present, it appears that the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) is mired in it.  The cost … Continue reading

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JOHN (OPM) BERRY’S CONTEMPT FOR BILINGUAL EMPLOYEES OPM Director John Berry must be filled with contempt for bilingual federal employees.  Or maybe the Obama appointee is just a hand puppet being worked by others with contempt for them.  Or maybe … Continue reading

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FREE ON-LINE FLSA TRAINING MATERIALS STEWARD ALERT!     The right to be paid for all the hours we work is about as fundamental right as employees have and not far behind that is the right to be paid at an overtime … Continue reading

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INADEQUATE AGENCY NOTICE GIVES UNION A BIG BARGAINING BONUS (PT. 2) NEGOTIATOR ALERT!     What does it mean for the union when management gives it advance notice of a proposed change, but the notice omits some of the details?  It means … Continue reading

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