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BEHOLD! THE MEGA GRIEVANCE OPTION Twenty years ago if Sherman, our hypothetical disappointed non-selected employee, walked into the union office complaining that he thought the promotion interview questions were chosen to make one particular applicant look better than all the … Continue reading

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FEDERAL EMPLOYEES LEGAL SURVIVAL GUIDE REPUBLISHED A tip of the hat to the law firm of Passman & Kaplan for its new book entitled, FEDERAL EMPLOYEES LEGAL SURVIVAL GUIDE (3rd ed.).  The firm, whose lawyers only represent employees and unions, has produced … Continue reading

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WHAT MORE CAN THIS UNION DO FOR SHARON? Here are the facts.  A member, let’s call her Sharon, walks into the union office and asks for help because her manager just gave her an Unacceptable Performance rating and put her … Continue reading

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$50 MILLION IN BACK PAY OR 210,000 DAYS OF RESTORED LEAVE OR OPTION 3? IRS has a tough decision to make.  An arbitrator just ruled that when it furloughed employees for three days in 2013, it violated the law.  But … Continue reading

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HOW TO HACK INTO THE FEDERAL PROMOTION PROCESS  Ten of millions are spent each year to ensure that federal promotions are based on merit factors, e.g., professionally developed, job-related criteria rationally related to the position to be filled. Laws have … Continue reading

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WHY DOESN’T MY UNION DO THIS? OPM does it.  The Department of Labor and a number of federal Labor Relations shops do it too. So why don’t unions provide the same simple automated service to its local leaders?  Here is … Continue reading

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COMPARE AFGE, NATCA, NFFE & NTEU BY THE NUMBERS We have not made it a secret that we think that unions should be run as efficiently as any business.  In fact, we wish that Goldman Sachs and other investment bankers … Continue reading

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WEIGHT DISCRIMINATION “AS HORRIBLE AND DEPRESSING AS EVER” Time Magazine just published a story about a new university study confirming the rampant presence of weight discrimination.  We found it worth checking out and a good place to start a conversation … Continue reading

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