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IS A LESS STRESSFUL WORKING ENVIRONMENT A REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION? It seems that one local court in Florida does not think so, but what would you expect from a bunch of judges who can’t be fired, have no production deadlines, and … Continue reading

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NFFE SIGNS JEFF FRIDAY AS GENERAL COUNSEL There is a small group, in fact, let’s call it a tiny group, of attorneys in Washington who have experience in virtually every area in which a union would want its GC skilled. … Continue reading

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LIMITS ON CASH AWARDS TO FEDERAL EMPLOYEES LOOSENED Hope you did not miss Eric Yoder’s piece in a recent Washington Post about how the outgoing White House Administration just told agencies that they can and should increase the funding of … Continue reading

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WHEN AGENCIES DRAG OUT DISCIPLINE INVESTIGATIONS Throughout our career we benefitted from making a note of an excerpt, footnote or even snippet of a case, regulatory comment or policy transmittal. They proved invaluable at bargaining tables when the other side … Continue reading

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ISSA, CHAFFETZ TARGET VETS FOR TERMINATION House leaders just announced that they are coming after veterans, including those with injuries, by making it easier to fire them and deny them other rights.  Yup! God’s honest truth.  Today’s e-media carried a … Continue reading

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AN MSPB HOLIDAY SURPRISE Would you have predicted this?  An employee was fired. When she filed an appeal with MSPB she not only denied the agency’s charges, but also claimed discrimination based on sex and disability.  Not long after, the … Continue reading

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EEOC REJECTS “LIP SERVICE” FOR THE DEAF/HOH There is not any breaking news here or newly-established legal precedent—and that is sad. This post is about yet another fed who requested a sign language interpreter for a last minute meeting a … Continue reading

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BARGAINING WITH AN ANTI-UNION GOVERNMENT Since the Trump empire of hotels, resorts, golf courses and other developments will remain heavily dependent on good service from its employees and relationships with their unions, for this posting we are going to assume … Continue reading

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WHAT HAPPENS NOW? Having lived through a few White House changes, we thought we would share what we know about what will happen next in the federal sector labor relations arena. In the next week or so the President-elect’s team … Continue reading

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HR SPECIALISTS ALERT: DISABILITY LAW IS EVOLVING FOR YOU Suppose a manager calls HR one morning to report that one of her probationary employees has refused to perform a certain function of the job by the established due date and … Continue reading

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