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GRIEVANCE DRAFTING TIPS 1, 2 & 3 Most contracts merely require the union to put the following in the grievance: 1- Article and section violated, 2- Description of the grieved event, and 3- Remedy desired.   As clear as that or … Continue reading

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WE REALLY LIKE THIS WEB SITE Although great web sites are not the cure for everything that ails unions, they can do a lot of good, such as A-Z topic pages. So, we like to point out examples of good … Continue reading

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IT IS TIME FOR THE TALK. THE BIRDS, THE BEES AND THE PDA. How much do you really know about that facts of life and particularly pregnant employees? Probably not enough, especially if you cannot answer the five questions below. … Continue reading

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AFGE BOOSTS ITS FINANCIAL STRENGTH AFGE recently announced that it has paid off the mortgage on its headquarters building, located in a prime spot just a couple of blocks from the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC. Based on its DOL … Continue reading

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INTERESTING FURLOUGH MOU The FLRA just issued a decision describing the creative way that one union structured sequester furloughs through an MOU. The National Association of Independent Labor (NAIL) negotiated the following concerning employee rights to pick the days on … Continue reading

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POPA’S AWARD AGREEMENT ASTONISHING The Patent Office Professional Association is one of our favorite unions if for no other reason than it knows how to protect benefits once negotiated.  It wrote the book on how a union can dig its heals … Continue reading

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ANOTHER AMAZING AFGE ACCOMPLISHMENT If your read Joe Davidson’s column in Washington Post on February 16th, you already know about AFGE’s latest achievement in Homeland Security. We know it is a blockbuster because we cannot think of the last time … Continue reading

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MANIPULATING EXECUTIVE BOARD EXPERTISE While national union leaders are constantly asking agency managers to involve employees in workplace decisions, some leaders operate under constitutions that deliberately exclude the best local union leaders from also setting internal union policy.  We can’t point … Continue reading

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FLRA’S FINAL SOLUTION FOR WORKLOAD: HUMAN TRAFFICKING (Pt. 2) A couple of weeks ago we outlined how FLRA has interpreted about a half-dozen words in the statute to give management rights that take about a hundred words to list.  We … Continue reading

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(TIGTA) THIS IG NEEDS INVESTIGATING J. Russell George has led a decent life and we are not going to suggest that he is anything other than a fine person. In fact, we will always remember him for what may his … Continue reading

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