MEMBER ALERT! Almost every time someone is promoted other applicants get passed over. Often, the passed over applicants feel they were just as qualified or even better qualified than the selectee. Sometimes they even feel that the selecting official did not give them fair consideration. Well, if you are one of those people, then your union might be able to help.

Too many people passed over for promotion think that they cannot grieve the decision, but they are wrong. Unions do it all the time for their unit members. Here are ten things the union can do to help you get promoted if you ask:

  1. Get a copy of everything in the promotion file to see how the selection decision was made.
  2. Check the scoring to guarantee that you got all the points and credit you were entitled to.
  3. Examine whether the selectee was even eligible to be selected or his/her scores were inflated.
  4. Look for the signs of pre-selection.
  5. Force the selecting official to explain in objective terms why the selectee was chosen over you.
  6. Investigate whether the documentary evidence backs up what the selecting official said he or she did.
  7. See if you were harmed by any trace of racial, gender, age, or national origin bias, whether it was intentional or unintentional.
  8. Ensure that the promotion process met the requirements of three very important federal regulations which management must follow.
  9. Identify whether the selecting official held against you some prior work with or support for the union.
  10. Determine which appeal route would be best for you and represent you during the appeal for just the cost of your dues.

( recently published a four-part guide for union representative that outlines how they can scrutinize any promotion action and launch an effective grievance. It is in our October archived material.)

Someone is always going to be disappointed in any competitive promotion action. But that does not mean you should put your head down, walk away, and do nothing if you are treated unfairly. Support your union and it can put its expertise to work supporting you.

And the potential pay-off can be a lot more than simple peace of mind or moral satisfaction. Unions have the right to get you priority consideration for the next vacancy or even a retroactive promotion.

So, if you are one of those people asking what the union can do for you, that’s what it can do for you just in the matter of promotions.

(Pass this article on to those around you who could also benefit from the information.)

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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.
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