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$300,000 FOR A DENIED REASSIGNMENT Employees almost never have the right to demand a reassignment to a different supervisor, job or location.  But if the employee has a disabling condition for which a reassignment would be a reasonable accommodation, the … Continue reading

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ZIP IT! – WHEN MANAGERS VIOLATE YOUR PRIVACY        This is not the first time we have written about managers who either can’t keep their mouth shut or their documents clean.  The newest example is the Chief of Dental Services who … Continue reading

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WHEN UNIONS LIBEL MANAGEMENT More than a few contracts state that the union may not libel (or slander) any manager when using the agency’s internal communications systems.  But what can management do if the union does cross the line.  An … Continue reading

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OCTOMOM AND THE “COVERED-BY” BARGAINING DEFENSE Much of science is devoted to finding out where things came from, e.g., the universe, global warming, the Kardashians, etc.  But there is no need to search very far for the origin of the … Continue reading

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT LEADS TO $168 MILLION JUDGMENT YIKES! We all know what can happen when a dispute goes to a jury, but when the jury in this case gave the employee $168 million in damages for the harassment she suffered, … Continue reading

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HOW TO MINIMIZE CONTRACTING OUT While management has a right to contract out work, the union has a right to negotiate procedures making that decision a fair one and softening the impact on employees. Here is how.

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POPA & NTEU LOWER EMPLOYEE PARKING COSTS Agencies are no longer regularly including free parking for employees in the buildings they rent.  They save money by shifting the cost of daily parking to the employee.  But here is how the … Continue reading

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WHAT CAN BACK PAY AND DAMAGES INCLUDE? You will be surprised to see what can be included and it all depends on how you draft the grievance.

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WE’RE HOOKING UP (FMLA and Disability Retirement) Look over to the right side of the page and you will find we have added two new links that will help you find answers quickly for your members. 

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GETTING MORE THAN 12 WEEKS OF FMLA LEAVE Despite the best efforts of the American education system to skip over the laws that will control the next 50 years of most students’ lives, generally high school graduates know that they … Continue reading

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