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BARGAINING FOR BACK PAY Generally, there is only one way to get back pay. You have to file a grievance, charge or some other allegation against management and, absent settlement, get an authorized neutral, such as an arbitrator, to order … Continue reading

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ARE YOU “GETTIN’ ENOUGH”— FROM GRIEVANCES? (Part 1) One of the first mistakes a union can make when drafting a grievance is to not ask for enough of a remedy. Not only does the grievant potentially lose something she might … Continue reading

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20+ FLRA PRECEDENTS UNION NEGOTIATORS MUST KNOW (Complete) Collective bargaining is like a tennis match.  The two players repeatedly fire the ball at one another hoping to force a mistake, get an advantage, or just tire the other out.  Furthermore, … Continue reading

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HOW GOOD IS YOUR CONTRACT? The only valid measure of how good a labor agreement is what the union members who live under it think.  If it is overwhelmingly ratified and used, it is a great contract.  A less valid … Continue reading

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