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LRs “BIGGEST LOSERS” Unlike the popular TV show from which we have borrowed our headline, it is not a good thing to be the biggest loser among management LR staffs in the federal government.  But the Department of Homeland Security … Continue reading

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IS CBP FUNDING NTEU? No, at least not directly.  FLRA recently dismissed yet another Customs and Border Protection exception to an arbitration decision.  (NTEU 66 FLRA 556) No news there.  But this is another in a long line of cases … Continue reading

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FEATHERBEDDING AT FSIP Featherbedding is a widely condemned practice in labor-management circles.  At best, it is wasteful; at worst, it is dishonest; and, at present, it appears that the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) is mired in it.  The cost … Continue reading

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HOW FLRA BLEEDS AGENCY BUDGETS Almost no one talks about it, but every day FLRA takes to resolve back pay cases costs federal agencies dearly. That is not opinion; it is cold, hard fact. Here is a great example.

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