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JUST 10 DAYS OF HARASSMENT MERITS $75,000 IN DAMAGES & MORE An employee of the Federal Bureau of Prisons filed a formal EEO complaint in which he alleged that from April 15 through April 24, 2013, several senior management officials subjected … Continue reading

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RETALIATION, SPOUSES, AND CATS News broke last week that retaliation against employees spiked last year.  So, FEDSMILL.com thought it might be a good time to remind everyone what actions are considered retaliation and the options for dealing with it.

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AGENCY CAN BE ORDERED TO PAY EMPLOYEE INCOME TAXES STEWARD ALERT!     When the employer is ordered to give an employee a back pay lump sum amount, it can also be required to compensate the employee for any extra income taxes … Continue reading

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FLRA BOOSTS TELEWORK REMEDIES   Few things are as frustrating as winning a grievance, arbitration or ULP only to find that the sole remedy imposed is an order that management not violate the law or contract again.  FLRA claims that remedies … Continue reading

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GRIEVANCE DRAFTING TIPS 4, 5, & 6 Before we turn to three other parts of a grievance where you can boost its winning potential and impact, remember this.  If you were unable to draft the grievance broadly enough during the … Continue reading

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