AFGE just filed its annual LM report revealing that the number of dues paying members rose by almost 9,000 over last year’s report for a total of 289,023 dues paying members.  

That is a little over a 3% increase.  AFGE deserves a lot of credit for putting its money where its best interests lie.  We are talking about its incentive program, which in many cases paid a $100 incentive for every new member signed.  NFFE also just filed reporting about a 3% increase.  In contrast, NTEU had a membership loss of a little over 2% that was likely the result of having lost the TSA election.  IFPTE had about a 1% loss. wishes all unions the best of luck at signing up new members.  We invite readers to use the blog box below to send in your own ideas about what works for you and we will continue to share good ideas we pick up.

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