We probably owe NFFE an apology for not mentioning this sooner, but it web site has jumped up several notches since we last checked it out thoroughly.  And one of the best feature is it openness to folks outside of NFFE who might be looking for help. NFFE calls it the “Toolbox.” The name fits because it contains so much advice about how to fix things that union reps run into all the time. We were first impressed with how well thought out its tools are for dealing with employee disabilities. It has put a bundle of resources a click away from the user. But it most interesting tool was developed by NFFE staff and is entitled, “Federal Sector Guide to Handling Complaints.” Like AFGE which we complimented a few weeks ago for also taking an open-system approach to sharing information with all federal employees via its YouTube training films, NFFE’s contribution can only spur continuing efforts by other national unions to boost the quality of their assistance. That is one open-market we have no qualms about. Keep that competition going because a victory in one union’s local often can improve things for everyone else.

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