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HOW TO VOID CRITICAL ELEMENT RATINGS Way back in the late 70’s agencies could only fire poor performing employees using the adverse actions statutes.  Managers complained that made it too hard because they had to prove their allegations by the … Continue reading

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AFGE PULVERIZES PERFORMANCE STANDARDS No one on the union side of the table should ever argue that it is easy to evaluate employee performance.  It is not.  But at the same time, AFGE just showed that OPM, a wholly-owned subsidiary … Continue reading

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AFGE WINS WTH UNCOMMON DEFENSES TO PERFORMANCE CRITICISM If the average federal employee only knew how vulnerable he/she is to being fired for performance-based reasons, employee pharmaceutical bills would double. Management can unilaterally set the performance standards, need only produce … Continue reading

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HOW TO STOP PERFORMANCE STANDARD CHANGES While death and taxes may be the more commonly recognized guarantees of life, not far behind are changes in performance standards.  Employees everywhere can count on managers trying to change their expectations, even if … Continue reading

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