As we have said before, several federal agencies have developed what we will call “A-Z Indexes” to simplify a user’s search for HR/ER/LR information.  Typically, these indexes pull together the most important information a user might need to quickly get a moderately detailed understanding of the law, regs, case law, policy, etc.  If designed well, they extract only the most significant information from the dozens of laws, hundreds of regulations, and thousands of case law decisions and present that in an easy to understand format.  We want to bring to your attention yet another “A-Z” tool that union reps should find helpful.  It is run by the U. S. Dept.  of Labor and called “eLaws.”

While OPM, not the Dept. of Labor, typically is the controlling agency for federal employee rights under such laws as FMLA, FLSA, USERRA, OSHA, etc., the OPM policies and decision are generally supposed to mirror DOL’s.  Consequently, DOL should be helpful.   We suggest you just check out the site to see what is there.  It is not something you will need every day or week, but it could be helpful when searching some topic. Here is how to find DOL’s own “A-Z Index” where you will find such pages as Employment Law Guide, a dozen FMLA Fact Sheets, very detailed FLSA information, federal employee Workers’ Comp advice,  union election rules, and words of wisdom about how to conduct union finances.

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