NFFE’s Local 1998 at the Passport Service, AFGE’s Councils in the Bureau of Prisons, HUD and VA, all qualify as models against any criteria.  They have up to date news, helpful pages, easy to digest layouts, and lots of hard information.  NFFE is doing a great job keeping folks current on all its litigation, while the three AFGE councils do a particularly good job reporting on midterm negotiations.  But just as we did over three years ago, we are going to declare NTEU Chapter 293, representing employees at the Securities and Exchange Commission, to be the best.  You understand what is there in a glance without scrolling past large pictures or slashing your way through clutter, although if you want to read the last seven years of their newsletters they are there too under a menu button. But best of all, it has been strategically planned to attract members. For example,

currently the page is dominated by a story about what the union has done over the years to negotiate improvements in the Telework program.  That targets all the nonmembers who wander around asking, “What has the union done for me lately? And thinking that management just gave them all the benefits they enjoy today. On top of that, the Directory page found in the menu bar does several things.  It shows how many SEC employees are involved in running the local, names them, posts their pictures, and includes a short profile so that readers can feel more connected to their reps. We can all also learn from the “Why Union” menu button page.  It is not only easy to navigate, but its Orientation slide show is just excellent. So, it is no surprise that this chapter has had great success recruiting new members.  Our hats off to all the Chapter 293 leaders, but especially NTEU chapter president Greg Gilman, a securities attorney, who has led a membership dispersed throughout the country in regional offices into a single powerful force that has racked up legislative victories permitting his members to bargain wages, won several multi-million dollar arbitration decisions, and given all us web site masters something the think about.

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