Great article posted in the Washington Post by Ed O’Keefe on 1/23/12.  It is another “gotta read” piece about the hypocrisy in Congress over raising enough money to fund the government—and federal employee raises. 

O’Keefe’s piece begins with news that the 684 folks who work on the Hill, setting this country’s tax policies and deciding on how much IRS can spend to enforce them, are themselves underpaying their own tax bills.  It seems that they owe IRS a little over $10 million in back taxes, but current law prevents IRS from announcing who they are or even just the committee or member who employ them.

As if that is not sad enough, many of Hill folks are working on legislation that would require the Executive Branch to fire federal employees who make errors on their own taxes.  There is no hint that Congress wants to impose this rule on itself.

O’Keefe goes on to shine the spotlight on the DOD employees, military and civilian, who collectively owe over $265 million in unpaid taxes. Ironically, at a time when many in DOD are complaining that the war effort is not being adequately staffed and funded, they are doing their share to keep money from the troops.

And lastly see what O’Keefe has to say about how much federal retirees owe.

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