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AGENCY PIP DISCRIMINATORY; EMPLOYEE REINSTATED A deaf/Hard of Hearing employee could read lips in one-on-one conversations, but needed an accommodation to participate in group conversations. Consequently, his performance suffered and the agency put him on a PIP, which ended in … Continue reading

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QUESTION: WHEN IS A PIP A ULP? ANSWER: ALMOST ALWAYS The law requires that employee performance standards be written so as “. . . to the maximum extent feasible, permit the accurate evaluation of job performance on the basis of … Continue reading

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HOW TO PROTECT YOUR OWN GLADYS Almost every bargaining unit has a Gladys. She works as a secretary, clerk, or clerical assistant.  Although she has performed acceptably for years, suddenly management puts her on a short PIP, imposes deadlines no … Continue reading

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POST-PIP PROTECTION Employees who successfully make it through a PIP walk on very thin ice for the 12 months afterwards.  If their performance falls below the required standard during those 365 days, they can be terminated without another PIP opportunity … Continue reading

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