Unions have always wanted their bargaining unit members considered for open jobs before management looks at those outside the unit.  Now we have some scientific proof from the highly prestigious Ivy League Wharton School of Business that this makes very good business sense.

Researchers have found that “’external hires’ get significantly lower performance evaluations for their first two years on the job than do internal workers who are promoted into similar jobs. They also have higher exit rates.”  You can check out the complete article on the Wharton web site.

It seems to us that when bargaining for first consideration this research suggests that the union should ask for data about the exit or attrition rate of external hires versus internal ones and comparative appraisal data from their first few years on the job.  If it points in the same direction as the Wharton research, that will make this larger study more relevant to your situation and perhaps more persuasive.

Another use of this study is to undermine during a grievance or EEO complaint any management explanantion as to why it chose an external candidate over an internal one.

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