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A NEGOTIATOR’S CASE STUDY Just passing along a tip to other lifetime union negotiators.  Check out “Will There Be a 2020 Season” from yahoo.com. It tells an interesting tale of how the professional baseball players have boxed in the owners … Continue reading

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Be sure to check back in one week when we will publish the best articles about bargaining that we have issued over the last three years.

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SCIENCE BACKS FIRST CONSIDERATION OF UNIT EMPLOYEES Unions have always wanted their bargaining unit members considered for open jobs before management looks at those outside the unit.  Now we have some scientific proof from the highly prestigious Ivy League Wharton … Continue reading

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DUBESTER CRITICIZES COVERED-BY CONCEPT FLRA Member DuBester launched his own five-prong attack on the infamous two-prong covered-by concept that has generated so much chaos since its creation.  Writing a dissenting opinion in AFGE, SSA General Committee, 66 FLRA No. 108, … Continue reading

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