And that made my raise totally disappear. Just a few days ago FEDSMILL.com posted an article about how Congress will not fund the IRS to collect over $300 billion our government is currently owed by tax cheats.  Then, yesterday David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, published a column with even more details about how Congress prevents IRS from collecting from tax cheats.  That  money would not only pay for federal employee raises, but also quickly pay off the American debt.  It is a “Gotta read” piece.  Johnston’s article is entitled, “Honey, They Shrunk the IRS.”  But don’t think that Congress is just using this low-visibility technique on IRS to drain the Treasury and make the country look broke.

It has not appropriated enough money to stop nearly $70 billion in medicare/medicaid fraud, nor has it appropriated enough money for Homeland Security to stop drug profits from crossing over into Mexico or even to collect the proper import fees on goods made overseas that have forced U.S. manufactures to shut down.  Toss in the money owed by for-profit, on-line colleges, small business loans defaulted upon, mortgage fraud, etc. and you have enough to run the economy of most of the world’s nations.

The sad truth is that America is owed gobs of cash by folks currently defrauding the government and shifting their just burden on to the backs of your kids along with a ton of interest costs.  America is not in debt; Congress just will not let its federal employee collect the money out of which we all are being cheated. Many in Congress hide behind a concern for “big government,” but funding these debt collections operations means big profits for our country.

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