Not long ago we spotlighted AFGE not only for its monstrous increase in net membership last year, but for over 15 consecutive years of net growth. If you believe that membership growth is the surest sign that employees believe the union’s leaders are taking it in the right direction, AFGE could not have a more flattering piece of feedback. In that same piece we complimented NATCA for its continued net membership increases as well.  Now that all unions have filed their Dept. of Labor report for FY 16 we checked in to see if any other unions continued to grow during a time when staffing numbers are decreasing.  The news was good with NFFE, NWSEO and POPA all having had net increases.  Although we can’t prove it, based on experience we strongly suspect that membership increases today are the result of wise, forward-looking, risk-taking decisions made five or more years ago to install a strategic approach to membership building.  It is so much more than passing out a few flyers, small incentive checks, and a flashy PR material. So, Bravo and Encore to all of them who proved that membership growth is clearly possible at a time when staffing is decreasing.

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