If there is one thing that is undeniable about Kiko & Abbott it is that they have been true to the policies of their political cult.  Just about any time they had a chance to destroy an employee’s arbitration victory they took it because collective bargaining and employee rights are not part of their cult’s plan. So, we can expect big things from these two Trumpian tribunal terrorists now that OPM has deleted from its web site instructions to treat transgender federal employees as human beings with all the rights “sexually normal” people have. Along with their political godfather’s current request that the Supreme Court make it legal to oppress people for their sexual orientations, we assume that Kiko & Abbott are now looking high and low for a case where they can once again demonstrate their loyalty to the regime’s view of what is normal and crush a transgender employee’s arbitration victory.  So, heads up out there union reps. It appears we may be at the dawn of a new fight, one that we thought we won long ago, to push back against those who want to denigrate the humanity of others because of their sexual orientation. And don’t be fooled by thinking that surely religious people would not do this because they believe that a human being is their god’s work.  This is an exception to the rule for that group where they allow themselves to correct what they perceive as their god’s errors.

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