A while ago we outlined 16 different ways a probationary employee can challenge his/her termination even though the urban legend is that probationers have no rights and there is nothing a union can do for them.  Check out “16 Ways Probationers Can Appeal Terminations.”  A recent Office of Special Counsel (OSC) case demonstrates the potential success of working with the union to plot an appeal path. Here is what OSC had to say in its own words.

The U.S. Air Force settled the case of a human resources systems manager who was terminated after he reported to his supervisor that a coworker illegally altered a military identification card. The systems manager at Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah, who was in his probationary period in 2010 when he reported the colleague, subsequently filed a complaint with the Inspector General since he felt the supervisor had failed to take action. The systems manager was then terminated for poor performance, which was determined to be retaliation for whistleblowing. Under the terms of the November 2012 settlement agreement, the systems manager was re-instated, provided with back pay and had all leave and benefits restored.

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