How much do you really know about that facts of life and particularly pregnant employees? Probably not enough, especially if you cannot answer the five questions below. . The EEOC is putting some renewed emphasis on making sure that employees–whether pregnant, hoping to get pregnant or glad the pregnancy is over—are protected under the several laws that grant them rights, such as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). Not long ago it published a wonderful Q&A guide about pregnancy. Feel free to ignore it if you already know the answer to the following five questions. Otherwise, click over to it and take about five minutes to catch up.

2. Does the PDA protect individuals who are not currently pregnant based on their ability or intention to become pregnant?

4. Is an employee or applicant protected from discrimination because of her past pregnancy?

10. If a pregnant employee needs light duty (temporary work that is less physically demanding than her normal duties), is the employer required under the PDA to provide it?

18. Are pregnant employees covered under Title I of the ADA?

22. Does the ADA protect the parents of a newborn with a disability?

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