When a DOD safety officer had the nerve to actually report safety hazards and climb the chain of command ladder to disclose his command was not reporting injuries to OSHA as required by regulation, he got canned early in his probationary period.   His command alleged that he overstated the scope of the danger and overstepped his role as safety manager. Most probationers would turn and walk away thinking it is nearly impossible to overturn a probationary period termination. But not this manager.  He looked into the more than one dozen non-traditional ways probationers can appeal and contacted the Office of Special Counsel which has a decent record of forcing agencies to reinstate probationers terminated in violation of law or regulation.  That turned out to be a good decision.  OSC ordered his termination stayed while it investigates further.  Hopefully, this causes DOD to rethink the wisdom of hammering a safety officer of all people for overstating a workplace hazard.  Would it be better if they all understated the hazards?

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