We did not see a formal public announcement about this, but are delighted to hear that Ken Moffett, Jr. has taken over as NTEU’s Director of Negotiations. (He replaces Frank Ferris, who held that job for all but four years since 1980 and who left NTEU last month after 38 years.)  Ken came to NTEU almost ten years ago from the Federal Service Impasses Panel, where he mediated cases under Joe Schimansky’s guidance. He is a Fordham Law graduate and former Marine.  Many of you will remember his dad, Ken Moffett, Sr, who ran the FMCS for several years before moving on to be Executive Director of the baseball players’ union and other union work. His mom was an organizer with the AFT.  NTEU made a great choice to run the 10-lawyer department that negotiates all the union’s term agreements, many of its major midterm agreements, and that litigates most of its national, class-action arbitration cases.

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