The one thing we look for from any consulting firm offering to train negotiators on either side of the labor management table is whether the instructors actually were chief negotiators.  While we think the world of career neutrals who never worked for labor or management, they rarely can offer the insights and tips a seasoned negotiator can after decades of actually being the chief bargaining advocate. That is why we are excited to see the “Learning Everywhere” collective bargaining program.  It is delivered by folks who sat in the chief’s chair on the union as well as the agency side of the table for decades. We do not know any other firm offering that.

In their initial, three-day offering in Baltimore to negotiators from all over the country they covered—

  • the mechanics of (as well as the rarely discussed insights chief negotiators pick up about) the  five major bargaining strategies, e.g. , position bargaining, interest bargaining, source analysis, etc.
  • the games seasoned negotiators can play, often nearly out-of-sight, with contract wording,
  • the ten legal objections agencies can raise to undermine a union mid-term bargaining demand  and what the union can force it to prove if it tries,
  • the impact laws like FMLA, USERRA, ADEA, AAADEA, CRA, EPA, and a half-dozen others are having on bargaining,
  • the 13 ways an agency’s control over a decision can be diminished through bargaining,
  • the handful  of techniques used to exploit a party in mid-term bargaining ground rules,
  • the 15 stages of mid-term bargaining and the key legal requirement of each,
  • the changes to expect from the new FLRA and FSIP,
  • and much more.

Learning Everywhere® is an EDWOSB and Hub Zone owned business dedicated to building organizational learning communities everywhere!  It works with people who are forward thinking, have positive energy and lively expectations to increase individual effectiveness while achieving mission critical goals.   With offices just outside of Washington, D.C. this team of master trainers and facilitators offers decades of experience working with adult learners in the Federal Government and unions of federal employees. Its leader is Sheila Lee, who managed training programs at the Peace Corps as well as a major federal sector union before establishing the firm.  Check out its web site at http://learningeverywhere.com/ if you want to know more.

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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.
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