Most feds know that you have to be paid for any work they do, but not many recognize that the things they do before their shift to get ready for work are legally work that must be compensated—even if it means giving them overtime pay. This is a problem wherever employees must perform tasks prior to a shift to be ready to work the second the shift begins or even after the shift is over to conclude the day’s work activities or help the next shift take over. AFGE’s Council of Prison Locals (CPL) just won a very well written arbitration decision that will generate a lot of retroactive overtime pay for its members. It is a decision that should be read by any union leaders worried about similar violations because it explains the law and regulations so clearly.


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  1. The arbitration decision does not correspond to the heading “Council of Prison Locals Win OT Pay for Pre-Shift Work”. Please provide more in on the topic of winning the OT pay for pre-shift work. thank you.

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