The New York Times just published a headline story entitled, “How Fed Ex Cut Its Tax Bill to Zero.” But we think a better title for the federal employee community would be the one we led with above. After all, Fed Ex could not earn a dime if federal tax money was not massively pumped into maintaining the roads their trucks drive on nor on operating what is the most efficient air traffic control system in the world.  Since Fed Ex opened its doors, hundreds of billions of tax dollars have gone into those two national assets so that Americans and American commerce could benefit. On top of those are other benefits Fed Ex reaps from tax dollars, e.g., the DoD training of pilots that the company ultimately hires, the airports tax dollars built and maintain, the deliveries the Post Office does for Fed Ex because it cannot earn a profit going to remote locations, the millions spent by the federal government itself using Fed Ex to deliver its own packages, etc. All federal employee should feel offended by Fed Ex stiffing our national treasury and making their jobs that much harder due to inadequate resources.  Fed Ex is not the only big corporation that is exploiting the system, but it is one that feds in every government office in the country could send a message when they decide how to route their express mail. After all, if a conglomerate chooses not to support federal operations why should feds support it?

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