The factual background section of this EEOC decision led with the following statement: “on April 14, 2015, the physician for the Primary Care Women’s Health Clinic (GYN) threatened Complainant when he gave her a hug, forcibly grabbed her neck, kissed her with his tongue, grabbed the belt loops of her pants, and told her she was turning him on and they needed to get together.” The facts went on to describe a campaign of harassment against the employee when she complained about physician before it found the Agency guilty of civil rights infractions.  Normally, the EEOC limits its penalty on the offending employee to ordering that s/he be trained in the law and “considered for” disciplinary action. But in this case, it was apparently so distressed by the physician’s behavior that it ordered an additional penalty on him, namely, …

it wrote, “Within thirty (30) days of the date this decision is issued, the Agency shall send a copy of this decision to the Department of the Army at Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio, Texas for placement in GYN’s Official Personnel Folder.” In other words, the physician’s permanent record will record the ugly details wherever he goes or attempts to go in government. For details, check out Taryn S., v. Peter O’Rourke, Acting Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Health Administration), EEOC No. 0120162172 (2018). 

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