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HOW TO STOP PERFORMANCE STANDARD CHANGES While death and taxes may be the more commonly recognized guarantees of life, not far behind are changes in performance standards.  Employees everywhere can count on managers trying to change their expectations, even if … Continue reading

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POST-PIP PROTECTION Employees who successfully make it through a PIP walk on very thin ice for the 12 months afterwards.  If their performance falls below the required standard during those 365 days, they can be terminated without another PIP opportunity … Continue reading

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SPOTTING DISCRIMINATION VIOLATIONS & GRIEVANCES Every time a member comes to the union for help with some personnel action, the union rep should not only look for violations of the contract, regulations, and past practice, but also whether management’s action … Continue reading

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16 WAYS PROBATIONERS CAN APPEAL TERMINATIONS The single biggest lie told newly hired federal employees may be the words “Probationary employees have no rights.”  The second biggest might be that there is nothing the union can do for them during … Continue reading

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GETTING MORE WORK?  THE UNION CAN HELP MEMBERS ALERT!   With retirements, buyouts, and budget cuts just around the corner, don’t forget what the union can do for you when some manager assigns you more work, new duties, or reduces the … Continue reading

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APPRAISALS BASED ON MERE SAMPLES OF WORK One of the more notorious games of an unfair supervisor is manipulating the work selected to review for a performance appraisal.  Those supervisors can set an employee up for great success or heartbreaking … Continue reading

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RELIGIOUS REFUSALS TO DO WORK QUESTION: When can an employee demand that he or she not be required to perform certain tasks?  ANSWER: When performance of the work conflicts with the employee’s religious convictions and it is reasonable for the … Continue reading

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