Max runs the Partnership for Public Service which, in turn, runs the annual “Best Places to Work” survey that is universally acclaimed.   However, it seems Max thinks his own survey is worthless based on his recent endorsement of Dale Cabaniss to run OPM. Max was quoted in Govexec recently as saying, “Dale Cabaniss will bring a strong background and excellent experience to OPM….The Partnership for Public Service is pleased to see this nomination, and we look forward to working alongside Dale to strengthen the federal workforce.”

But when you look back on Dale’s time leading the FLRA you find that according to Max’s surveys under Dale’s leadership, “….the FLRA was considered one of the worst Federal employers as rated in the “Best Places to Work” survey conducted by the Partnership for Public Service and American University’s School of Public Affairs.

So, what’s up with Max? Is his survey worthless, or is he just trying to curry favor with Dale to boost business, or is there an encrypted message in his words, such as he is being held captive and needs help? All objective evidence suggests that Dale is an agency killer. But don’t take our word for it.  Joe Davidson, the highly respected Washington Post columnist, wrote this about the year after Dale left FLRA,

In fiscal 2009, the agency issued 215 decisions. That’s nearly twice as many as from the two previous years combined. The pending case inventory has dropped more than 40 percent since February 2009, and the average waiting time of a pending case is down 35 percent. Staffing is up 10 percent from its lowest level of 118 in fiscal 2008, and the agency’s budget is growing.

Davidson also let drop that Dale’s Republican successor referred to her tenure at FLRA as “rock bottom.” The folks over at AllGov.com said  Dale was given “bottom-feeding scores” by her staff. The widely read Workplace Professor Blog focused like a laser on why the overall FLRA scores jumped so much. “Overwhelmingly, the driving factor in the agency’s improved standing was the 418 percent surge in the score employees gave the agency’s senior leadership.” The new leader was Carol Pope.

Based on the many assessments of Dale’s tenure at FLRA, we would not be surprised if her own mother slept with one eye open when Dale was in charge of anything important and kept her away from the stove. So, if you see Max in the next few days, suggest he see a doctor soon.  This normally high integrity guy is not only trashing his own core business, but ignoring all objective evidence.

Dale has been nominated to help the White House (1) disband OPM, (2) remove the focus on human resources, and (3) drain money from its major programs such as health care, retirement, and merit protection. She is an agency killer, not builder.

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