Some of us are shy, some are introverts, some of us have Asperger’s Syndrome and some of us have other conditions interfering with our ability to interact with others in what our TV-conditioned culture considers to be normal.  What happens when a member suffers this problem and it interferes with his/her work?  Maybe they get left out of informal groups or clicks that influence many workplace decisions, maybe they find it hard to get co-workers to cooperate with them, maybe they have serious problems when placed in high conflict situations or maybe their manager just not have a “good feeling” about their “meet and deal” skills leading to low evaluations. Although there is not a lot of case law behind this yet, the Americans With Disabilities Act, as amended, is slowly providing some help.  We ran across a thoughtful article from a law firm recently that gives a quick review of developments that might help you help a member someday.  Check it out.  We touched on the issue ourselves a few months ago.

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