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ARBITRATOR PRITZKER, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG    Malcolm Pritzker, an experienced DC arbitrator, recently ruled that an agency (SSA) violated the law by withholding information from the union (AALJ) during bargaining.  The agency withheld the information, sped the dispute to the FSIP, and got one of the Panel’s politically-patented anti-union decisions imposing working … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #6 (FMLA) The COVID crisis is going to create a lot of traffic for union stewards from employees with an entire range of FMLA questions.  The web and other fed employee news sites currently are loaded with … Continue reading

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WELL ISN’T THIS AN INTERESTING UNION COVID RESPONSE Some enterprising legal eagles in New York City just filed a class action lawsuit claiming that an employer must provide reasonable accommodations to employees at risk of catching COVID-19 at the job site.  Their … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #5 (Negotiations –An Agency’s Specific Notice Obligation) We have said it often before.  The biggest process mistake management can make while bargaining is to violate this obligation, and aggressive enforcement of this obligation by the union increases … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #4 (EEO- Medical Information Privacy) The rehabilitation Act prohibits managers from disclosing physical or mental medical information they have about an employee to anyone without a legitimate reason to know.  Nonetheless, managers repeatedly ignore the rule and … Continue reading

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FLRA’S JAMES ABBOTT COMES OUT AS HYPOCRITE EXTRAORDINAIRE A few days ago Jim Abbott, one of the President’s more dishonorable appointees, threw the doors open for all the world to see the hypocrite he is. Although he agreed with his … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #3 (LR – COVID CHANGES)  Read over the facts below and identify what, if anything, the union can do to help. The answer is provided below the facts. FACTS: Assume that an employee’s administrative workweek starts in the wee … Continue reading

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BARGAINING TELEWORK AND THE MANSON FAMILY  Expecting FLRA’s Abbott and Kiko to think even one baby step beyond their hatred of unions is like assuming Charley Manson will take good care of your pregnant wife while you are out of … Continue reading

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