We watch what unions post on their web sites in case there is something we should all know about.  FEDSMILL.com recently took a look at a lot of AFGE web sites (not all or even a majority) and wants to pass along its compliments to a few of them for very impressive products.

Our highest compliments go to AFGE HUD Council 222, which just elected a new president, Eddie Eitches, an attorney in the HUD Office of General Council.   The Council has a clean, easy to view page that avoids the very common mistake of overloading a page with links, stories, headlines, announcements, and other information, in varying font sizes and colors, to the point that the reader is discouraged by how hard he/she has to work to find something.  Take a look at the Council’s pages dealing with Bargaining, Grievances and ULPs.  Each offers a reader-friendly view of lots of specific things the union is doing.  And the Council gets a tip of our hat for the very classy decision to list the names of the local presidents of NFFE among its own AFGE presidents to help HUD employees.

We also liked the AFGE Council 216 site because it puts everything on one page that is completely viewable the instant you open it.  There is no need to scroll down or open menu bars to see how the information is organized.

The Border Patrol Council gets very high marks for being up to date and posting news videos about their work.

The Bureau of Prison AFGE Council also has something we liked.  It carries a front-page story about the Case of the Week and under the Rights and Representation box on the menu bar places a discussion of significant cases in each region throughout the country.  Call us biased, but we believe most local presidents in any union would love an easy way to find out what their colleagues are doing so that they can consider the same action in their jurisdiction or send some help

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